Samantha has got to be one of the most unique looking people I have ever seen. She has flaming red hair and gorgeous facial features that you see on models in magazines and just think, “Why can’t I look like that?!” And along with her beauty, she is also an amazing friend and mother.
After I photographed her family I asked Samantha if I could take a few film photographs of her. She hasn’t seen these images yet (no one has) because I wanted to save them for a blog post.

I really love that I have a blog now because I get to post creative work and talk about it. If any of you have any questions (besides the usual, “Can you tell me exactly how you edit?”) feel free to comment below and I’ll answer as best I can!


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  • Tayler

    Love Love Love your style Stephanie! So talented!

    I am just curious how you get your models or clients to feel comfortable in front of the camera? And tips/tricks? And, if it’s not too much to ask, how do you walk into a shoot? Do you know what your looking for? What shots you want? Or is it more in the moment? Or a little of both? How do you prep yourself?

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful day! And thank you for sharing!

    Tayler Carlisle

    • stephanieparsley24

      Hey Tayler!
      Thank you so much! I checked out your website and I love your style and your work! Keep it up!! <3

      Making my models and clients feel comfortable has always been sort of easy for me since I began (or so I have been told). The one compliment or comment I hear most about my work from others is, "She made me feel so comfortable" or "Oh, that wasn't awkward! I was worried! It was actually a lot of fun!" I think this is because I am super goofy and I tend to make it more laid back instead of so tense. I try to crack jokes and make fun of myself because if you think about it, they are super nervous in front of a camera/stranger! However, if they have something to laugh at (you) then it will ease their tension! 🙂
      I never really know what I'm looking for before a shoot. I'll look at poses and have locations in mind, yes. But as far as knowing every play-by-play of what I want to happen, I let it all just come to me and the client. I try to get a feel of their personality and play off of that as the shoot goes on.
      So, I guess it's a little bit of both! Always come prepared but definitely throw in candid stuff! What I'll do is show clients poses and say, "Okay, here's a pose we are going to do but we are going to make it our own!"

      I hope this helps you! Let me know if there's anything else! 🙂

  • Sarah

    These are all incredible, I love them so much!

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  • tacaño
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