A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Los Angeles and did 10 shoots in 5 days with Lacey Rogers (model), Charity Vance (singer/song writer), and Leslie Durso (vegan chef).

As soon as Lacey and Jessica picked me up from the airport we went straight to El Matador Beach and starting shooting! We had one outfit that we wanted to use first but the waves were so extreme that they swallowed Lacey and made it impossible to shoot. The next outfit we planned wasn’t as difficult as the first outfit, but definitely one of the most challenging I’ve ever done because we had to fight the waves, wind, and sand. There was even a moment when Lacey screamed, “STEPHANIE! LOOK OUT!” as a big wave came right towards me and almost took me and my camera under but Jessica and the rocks grabbed me just in time (phew)!

For those of you that don’t know, Lacey is currently on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 and you can see her kill it every Wednesday on the CW at 7/8c. I’m seriously so proud of this girl.

Here is the first shoot (out of 8) that we did.

model | Lacey Rogers
makeup + styling | Jessica Humerick



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  • Hailey Nordstrom

    The black and white 14 shots from the bottom. So perfect. The furrowed brow, body language, composition and contrast tells an entire story in one frame. Gorgeous set of photographs.

    • stephanieparsley24

      Thank you so, so much!! And thank you for taking the time to comment because I love hearing feedback!! <3

  • Anna

    This is incredible. Love your style. I’m so blown away by these. Have a great day!

    • stephanieparsley24

      Thank you so much! Still dying for the opportunity for us to collaborate!

  • Emily Baird

    Wow. Just wow! Those are so beautiful. Please don’t get too famous before I finally have time to get boudoirs done by you 🙂 you are so incredibly talented.

  • kenaaaaath

    I love your way of photographing! So awesome. You have this different vibe that captures us plus lacey is like omg. Keep it up! ?

  • Missy

    Your article perelctfy shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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