I ran all over New York City with Sibyl Sharp for Mertins Eyewear! I LOVE all of their designs because of how fashionable they are and how amazing the quality is of each frame. We also had an amazing New York stylist, Charli Sotomora with TopShop, style this entire set! She did amazing!!

Model | Sibyl Sharp
Styling | Charli Sotomora with TopShop
Eyewear | Mertins Eyewear

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  • Shandi ward


  • Tammy Castell

    Wow! Just WOW! ♡

  • Flora

    Jest taki mod na wioski Mileniare czy cos koło tego lecz mod nie jest doaoknsły dlatego że lduzi którzy tam sa stoja tylko w domach i to jest cała niby frajda z moda

  • Reply

    DEFINITELY MY BEST CHOICE!!!!Seen in If you receive 3+ "BEST PEOPLE’S CHOICE" awards If you receive 10+ "BEST PEOPLE’S CHOICE" awards

  • Reply

    Oh yes. Three legs and 95 lbs are both negatives when it comes to back injuries. Also, just plain being a greyhound. Their length of spine predisposes them to back injuries.

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