Boudoir has been consuming my life lately and I’m all about it. I love that women are coming to me to do shoots like this for either a significant other or just because they want to and want to document their bodies. Samantha is one of my best friends and a mother of 2 beautiful children. She approached me about doing this shoot and said she wanted barely any makeup and no clothing. She just wanted the natural and minimal look to document her body during this time, after just having her second baby, and I’m so happy she did.

Boudoir is so, so beautiful and I’ll forever be a fan of anyone wanting to have photographs of themselves like this.

Model | Samantha Halsey
Makeup | Jessica Humerick


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  • Chalenea

    This is so beautiful. 😍

  • Mason

    Someone should wife her up

  • Mason

    But not me, cause I’m all wifed up.

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