This past year Jessica and I have grown into a friendship that I consider really rare. You know those kind where you’re constantly challenging each other because you’re both so stubborn but you both love each other so much so you just figure it out until you get it right? That’s us.
I think this year is the most I’ve seen Jessica grow and the most I’ve seen her so happy. Not only in our friendship, but in her relationship with Sam and everyone around her. When I’m around her and Sam, I LOVE watching them interact. The energy between them is so interesting to me and I love what they do for each other.
I’m so happy they let me get a small peek into their relationship enough to document it. They let their walls down for me and this is something I really needed creatively and something I hope more people aren’t afraid to do.

This is Sam and Jessica.



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  • Arshia Khan

    Love, love, love these Stephanie! So intimate and soft.

  • Amanda

    Wowow. These are absolutely stunning. Such great work 🙂

  • Mckenzie

    All I can say is WOW!!! You are so talented!!❤️

  • Katrina

    This is EVERYTHING!!!! I repeat EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!

  • Reed

    Wow, these are lovely! There is a John and Yoko vibe to a few of these, and I love it! I also like the darker tone of this set. Jessica and Sam are great models!

  • Salina

    You are so talented. I love your work but these are absolutely stunning!!!

  • Chaleese Saucier

    Sooooo beautiful!

    Literally made the tears leak! The photos shine hope for a deeper meaningful love!

  • mary grace

    this is so perfect

  • Jakob

    Beautiful photos as always!

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