When it came to picking who I wanted to do our wedding photos, I knew I wanted someone who had super colorful work (without it being  too much) and someone whose edited work had perfect skin tones. Those two things are sooo important to me. There’s plenty of styles of photography, but I feel like engagements and weddings are such a fun, colorful, and warm time in someones life so having photos that represented that to me is key.
To get right down to it, I’ve known who I’ve wanted to photograph my wedding for years. And that’s Shannon Miller. She’s freaking incredible and I’ve never been able to find a photographer that can execute colors and tones quite like she can. I love that I’m in constant awe of her work and every time she posts something I’m like, “How did she freaking do that…?!!!!”

Engagement photos, surprisingly, weren’t a super big deal to me. I knew I wanted to document this time in our lives, but I didn’t want it to be…. engagement photos, if that makes sense.
I told Shannon when we were discussing the photo shoot that I didn’t want to smile dead on at the camera hardly ever and that I just wanted her to document us hanging out and having our “ideal day.” That’s just way more us and makes way more sense to me.

The day I told Michael I loved him was in April over 2 years ago and we were in a hammock in this exact spot and we had just got done flying our kites.. So I knew that would be a great lil spot to revisit for these pictures. This hammock we are in… it’s just crazy how much has happened in it haha. Michael asked me to be his girlfriend in that hammock, I told him I loved him in that hammock, we announced our engagement in that hammock, AND now we’re doing our engagement photos in it. Was not expecting a $100 Eno hammock to be so key in our relationship but I’m here for it haha.

So, to sum it all up, our ideal day is hanging hammocks, flying kites, hanging with Pinto at the park, and then driving off to our favorite swimming hole about an hour outside of Little Rock and watching the sun set.
And I think Shannon captured that perfectly.

Photography: Shannon Lee Miller
Makeup: Jessica Humerick
Hair: Abby Blevins with The Fix Salon
Pink + White Outfit: Savannah Morrow The Label
Yellow Floral Dress: Vintage
Swimsuit: Montce Swim

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  • Bonnie B Peek

    Omg! Love these so much!!!!!!
    We can’t wait till 4-4-20!!!!!
    Love you!
    Bonnie Peek

  • Chalenea

    Just perfect. 😍

  • Rae

    Gorgeous!!! Great colors and warmth. Looks like a watched your love story

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