I always try to photograph Chanel every time I’m in Los Angeles! This is a beautiful soul and human right here.. I’m so happy I know her! Model | Chanel [...]


This is one of my favorite blog posts ever because the clothing, colors, model, hair, and overall tone of the shoot is so spot on. Blake did such an amazing job [...]


Sunny has to be one of the most talented models I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She gave me so many different looks, poses, and content in one spot and [...]


When you work with Ashley you’re always guaranteed to be photographing some really unique/awesome outfits. I love this girl and everything she brings to the [...]


This was my first time working with Chloe and first time working in a studio like this! For those of you familiar with my work, I use only natural lighting, so this [...]


One of the reasons I love going to LA to do fashion work is that I get to work with and meet new people. One of my biggest things when picking models is that I love [...]


I love that photography can bring you closer to people. I’m especially appreciative of this how it brought me closer to this one right here. One of the most [...]

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