samantha | film

Samantha has got to be one of the most unique looking people I have ever seen. She has flaming red hair and gorgeous facial features that you see on models in [...]

lacey | film

Every time I pick up my film camera I notice something changes with how I shoot and within my style. Not only does it help me be more creative, but somehow every [...]


For creative shoots I love to use models or people that are really carefree in front of the camera.  To me, the best types of images I can capture are the ones where [...]

emily | winter

One thing I love about my job is being able to create literally anything I want in my head and then try to to make a visual of it for you all to see.  It’s fun [...]

katy | film

This was my first time to experiment with film and it was all the way back in November, 2013! My good friend and photographer, Alex Martin, wanted to get together to [...]

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